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The professional cleaning company Right Cleaning Ltd” has many years of experience in one-time and subscription cleaning in different kind of areas. This includes as well as one-time cleaning and subscription maintenance of the cleanness in your private homes (apartment, house, garage), commercial areas (offices, banks, enterprises) and others. We are working with highly qualified and well trained team of specialists in the field of cleaning support. All of our cleaning detergents are ecologically clean, with all needed certificates for perfect quality.

Our efforts, in Right Cleaning, are focused on the development of the company through attracting new clients and long-term contacts. This will be achieved through organizing and delivering impeccable cleaning services, with the help of innovative technology and cleaning detergents, provided from leading manufacturers in the industry.
The mission of Right Cleaning Ltd is becoming a leading modern company, offering services in the field of professional cleaning of offices, cleaning homes, administrative buildings and other premises and spaces.

Right Cleaning - The right cleaning

Professionalism, quality and experience!!!

  • Our long-term cooperation with large companies and governmental institutions, and their recommendations are proof of our quality services and professionalism.
  • Thanks to the mobility of our teams, all subscribed customers of Right Cleaning Ltd, can rely on quick response to unplanned situations.
  • Our company performs an extremely competitive pricing policy, which fully corresponds to the changing economic conditions in the country.

The ultimate goal of Right Cleaning is fully satisfaction of the customers’ wishes at:

  • cleaning of administrative, industrial and residential buildings
  • cleaning offices and homes
  • cleaning restaurants, casinos
  • cleaning hotels and shops
  • cleaning and snow removal of car parks and garages
  • cleaning any standard and non-standard areas

Achieving our goal is possible thanks to our highly educated and energetic team, fully specialized in the field of professional cleanness.
These are the services we offer from “Right Cleaning” – the wanted company on the market!

National coverage of professional cleaning services

Национално покритие на услугите за професионално почистване - Карта

Part of our clients:

Професионално почистване на НАП от Right Cleaning.
Професионално почистване на Office1 от Right Cleaning.
Агенция по вписванията клиент на Right Cleaning.
Професионално почистване на СУ св. Климент Охридски от Right Cleaning.
Професионално почистване на супермаркети BILLA от Right Cleaning.
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