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Hygiene is a serious factor for determining the comfort and coziness of your office or home. Along with that, complying with universal standards and rules is a guarantee for a healthy environment for you, your clients, your children, pets, and for your personal relaxation. If you don’t want to have problems like allergens, illnesses and respiratory problems, choose the perfect cleaning with Райт Клийнинг. Large part of dirt and microbes are hidden at home and in the office, and you do not even know about living with them on a daily basis. Our advice is to trust us for professional cleaning in Sofia by choosing the most suitable for your home or office package of services пакет от услуги. We offer everything – everything that contributes to perfect cleanness, impeccable hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. See more details about the professional cleaning of residential buildings and properties in Sofia.


 Професионално почистване СофияAmong our professional cleaning services in Sofia you can find both complex and individual ones. Complex services have the aim for a complete recovery of hygiene and the perfect arrangement of the whole room or home. It can be stated as a regular visit of our experts in the hygiene field, as well as a one-time visit – after an event, seasonal cleaning (especially spring cleaning), after repair work (which requires professional equipment and detergents for eliminating the debris from building materials on the floor, walls and sanitary zones), etc. In our specific cleaning services in Sofia we offer a specific assistance in deep washing and disinfection for categories of elements in the home interior. Most often, our users choose to почистване на прозорците – from the outside and the inside site – machine cleaning of the furniture and hard flooring (plus polishing) – impeccable scrubbing of the bathroom and toilet, sanitation of the kitchen including degreasing procedures of the contaminated and lubricated appliances, etc.


The detergents we used during professional cleaning in Sofia have been certified, tested and approved by the respective licensing regulatory authorities for the performance of the relevant services. Most of the means for reducing dust, eliminating bacteria and harmful substances on the surfaces are environmentally friendly and all are completely harmless to you, your children and pets. For old, stubborn and big stains, we also use specialized products with high quality and herbal complexes of rare plants to remove bad smells and allergens. For some of the services of our professional cleaning company in Sofia, we resort to modern equipment – such as diamond plates for hard flooring, special window mops, mirrors and glass objects, and others.


If you live in Sofia and care enough for your home and office hygiene, professional cleaning in Sofia is your main helper in maintaining a satisfactory level of cleanness.
Do not hesitate to leave the dirty work to us while you are having fun, working up in the career, taking extra hours or just spending time with your kids. As soon as we perform our cleaning procedures, you will see results (at home or in the office) that will not just amaze and please you, but will consolidate your beliefs – warm atmosphere and wonderful – хигиената е основополагаща в уютната среда, and balanced relationship in family and work.
Do you want all this at affordable prices and with no effort – order professional cleaning for Sofia, right now! – Contact us!!
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