Snow cleaning in Sofia and the country

“Right Cleaning” Ltd. provides manual and machine snow cleaning services in Sofia and the whole country.Професионално снегопочистване на сняг от Райт Клийнинг

  • Cleaning of small and large areas – houses, complexes, car parks and shops;
  • Snow cleaning with modern equipment;
  • Securing sites with enough people to carry out manual activities;
  • Splashing with salt, sand, lye and other chemicals;
  • Snow removal and anti-freeze treatment;
  • Snow cleaning and sanding;
  • Snow-cleaning of roofs and sheds;
  • Snow removal and snow transporting.

The company also offers:

  • One-time snow cleaning
  • Snowmobile subscription

When a seasonal subscription contract is concluded, the prices are negotiated.

Clear your parking, courtyard, driveway, commercial area, shop and more with the professional services of Right Cleaning.

The snow-cleaning service is offered by our company in Sofia and the whole country. We all know that every year snow creates a lot of difficulties, ice, injuries and unpleasant passage to your home, office, public place and others. The fact is that when the snow cover on common parts – sidewalks, garages and entrances, gets stamped and freezes, the sentiment becomes quite dangerous for you, passers-by and drivers. Another unpleasant moment is when the temperature rises and the snow melts and becomes muddy.

We at Right Cleaning will take you away from the unpleasant consequences of snowfall in the winter and we offer professional snow cleaning with modern equipment or manual.

They already choose us:

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