Landscaping, design and construction of green areas

Професионално озеленяване и изграждане на зелени площи от Райт Клийнинг

Landscaping is a complex process requiring the necessary knowledge, quality equipment, but mostly a credible team to handle your individual project or to build one according to your basic requirements and taste preferences.
Cleaning has dedicated and well-prepared teams who can personally handle your personal project for building and designing green areas, as basic steps in landscaping. As a result of our work and dedication, you can be assured that you will get the dream home garden or you will practically decorate the exterior of your business building. Our team performs anylandscaping services, related to private yards and gardens, as well as public parks and green areas, regardless of the originally stated parameters or size of the plot.
We are not afraid of your bold projects but at the same time we are ready to build a common one with you if you don’t have a concept of designing and building green areas.

Our landscaping service includes:

  • Grassing with grass mixtures;
  • Laying grass;
  • Construction of rock gardens and rock corners;
  • Construction of decorative and bush groups
  • Construction of decorative water areas (lakes, waterfalls, fountains);
  • Design of yards, gardens, green areas;
  • Landscaping of offices and business buildings;
  • Supply of interior vegetation, pots;
  • Supply of specialized fertilizers, plant protection.

The company also offers:

  • Supply of interior vegetation, pots;
  • Irrigation;
  • Construction of automated irrigation systems;
  • Construction of decorative water areas, drains;
  • Maintenance of green areas;
  • Maintenance of green areas is a very important process with a view to preserving landscape.

How is the process of landscaping going on:

Озеленяване и напояване поддръжка на зелени площи

Every landscaping project begins with a qualitative preparation of the area, which means duly and timely cleaning, leveling, as well as soil treatment and fertilization. In particular, we guarantee that we will perform the following ground preparation actions: weed removal, construction waste, trunks and stones, as well as their off-site transport, as well as rolling, aeration, pH degradation and others depending on the condition of the soil.
There is also a specific grass-rooting in which you can actively engage by sharing your own views about the perfect choice of seeds or grass mixture. If you want, we can also get cross-sown. Our gardening experts have the necessary knowledge, so you can rely on 100% of our specialized assessment for your particular conceived project.

If you wish, we will be happy to design a garden of exotic plants as well as hybrid crops, but always in concert with you as the last design evaluators. In building green areas, we can include additional services such as stoning and planting, as well as fertilizing and watering. We work with high-quality decorative vegetation. The plants are in containers that allow them to be planted almost all year round.

Maintenance of green areas:

Please keep in mind that after sowing the grass requires constant care, to achieve the desired result and for a long time to maintain the beautiful look of your garden. Our team for designing and building green areas can also offer you a subscription plan for follow-up assistance and maintenance. Our teams have modern equipment, so you as our customers are not obliged to provide any materials or supplies to us. We will do the whole thing and we will bring the necessary modern equipment!

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