Automatic scrubber-driers on battery Hako B 30

2,720.00лв. (Без ДДС)

  • Working width – 43cm.
  • Width of the rubber washer – 76cm.
  • Cleaning capacity – 1900m2 / hour
  • Cleaning capacity – 1900m2 / hour
  • Dirty water tank – 30l.
  • Weight -179kg.


Used professional cleaning machines. All machines are fully recycled in perfect technical condition. HAKO B 30 is a professional cleaning machine on batteries. Such machines are perfect for cleaning all types of hard flooring, allowing simultaneous cleaning, drying and polishing. They are recommended for cleaning all small, large and medium rooms. We offer after warranty service, as well as service of any cleaning machines. The machine can be purchased with a hard, soft brush or pad holder.

Подопочистващ автомат на батерии - Hako B 30

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