Floor cleaning machine – Karcher BD 530

1,445.00лв. (Без ДДС)

Working width – 50cm.
Cleaning capacity – 1900m2 / hour
Clean water tank – 55l.
Dirty water tank – 55l.


Used – Recycled floor cleaning machine for professional cleaning of hard flooring. The Karcher BD 530 is fully recycled and in perfect technical condition.
The professional vacuum cleaner has a disk brush, power cord and rechargeable batteries. The machine is designed for daily cleaning of hard flooring with a cleaning capacity of up to 1900m2 in an hour.
The Karcher BD 530 allows simultaneous cleaning, drying and polishing. The machine is very easy to operate with because all the assemblies are easily accessible.
Right Cleaning Company offers after-sales service and service of any cleaning machine. The underfloor vending machine can be purchased with a hard, soft brush or pad holder.

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