Floor cleaning machine – Nilfisk-BA-531

2,975.00лв. (Без ДДС)

Working width – 50cm.
Cleaning capacity – 2400m2 / hour
Clean water tank – 40 l.
Dirty water tank – 40 l.
Dimensions – 118x54x105cm.
Weight – 160kg.


The Nilfisk-BA-53 solid floor cleaner is used and recycled vending machine in perfect technical condition.
Nilfisk-BA-53 is a machine for cleaning all types of hard flooring, allowing simultaneous cleaning, drying and polishing.
“Right Cleaning” also offers servicing of all cleaning machines. The underfloor vending machine can be purchased with a hard, soft brush or pad holder.
The Nilfisk-BA-531 retains the best of the previous generation floor cleaning machines, but offers improved and comfort performance with improved design.
The floors are cleaned and dried in just one pass, and the compact design allows cleaning to the edge of the premises. The battery-powered machine is equipped with an Ecoflex system that supports consumption control but also ensures the possibility of temporarily increasing the water and detergent for more aggressive and contaminated floors.
That’s why this series makes floor cleaning effective, fast, quiet and inexpensive.

  • Low noise level for clean during the day
  • Working with the dashboard with one touch
  • Ecoflex option, detergent mixing system
  • No tools for changing the wiper blades
  • Easy access to the cleaning and maintenance tank
  • Tractor version with large wheels for easy operation
  • Waterproof electric control box
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