Floor cleaning machine on Batteries – Hako B 70

3,655.00лв. (Без ДДС)

Working width – 65 cm.
Cleaning capacity – 4200m2 / hour
Clean water tank – 72l.
Dirty water tank – 74l.
Weight – 325kg.


The Hako B 70 solid floor cleaner is battery-powered. The machine is used and recycled in perfect technical condition. The company also offers servicing of all cleaning machines. The machine can be purchased with a hard, soft brush or pad holder.
Hako B 70 is a professional cleaning machine for all types of hard flooring, allowing simultaneous cleaning, drying and polishing.
Hako B 70 series cleaning machines are optimized for economically wet cleaning of medium and large rigid floorings. Excellent view, incredible maneuverability and easy handling.
Optimum suction of the cleaning solution even on hard floors thanks to a new geometry of the wiper. It is available with disc brushes for smooth floors or cylindrical brushes, has integrated collection of dirt for use on structured floors. In addition, the Scrobmaster B70 Dissolution and Recovery Tanks are equipped with the Hako-AntiBac® feature that significantly reduces bacterial and fungal growth in the reservoirs.

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