Prices for professional cleaning.

Цени за почистващи услуги на офиси и домове

Right Cleaning / Prices for professional cleaning

Right Cleaning’s mission is to provide a good level of cleanness in a building, as a rule the “Internal Professional Cleaning” service involves two types of activities.
Basic professional cleaning – includes various types of activities /predominantly mechanical / performing with different periodicity and ensure a higher level of cleanness.

ServicePrice m2
Machine cleaning of solid flooring / / parquet, marble, granite, granite, tile, etc. /0.89 lv.
Manual cleaning of hard flooring / laminate, marble, granite, granite tile, terracotta and others. /0.59 lv.
Machine washing of floors with textile coverings / carpets, rugs, shaft /0.99 lv.
Machine wash of textile upholstery / upholstered furniture and chairs /place/5.99 lv.
Professional cleaning of windows / glasses unilaterally /0.69 lv.
Cleaning of window frames / linear meter /0.39 lv.
Cleaning of windows and window frames after overhaul / removal of stickers, paint and strong dirt /1.99 lv.
Polishing / sealing by application of polymeric preparation / on hard flooring / laminate, terracotta, marble, mosaic, granite tiles, etc. /1.19 lv.
Dust Removal / Solid and Soft Flooring /0.39 lv.
Manual cleaning of blinds / one-sided /1.19 lv.
Comprehensive professional cleaning / on flooring /1.99 lv.
Basic cleaning of faience and sanitary warewhen viewed
Manual cleaning of radiators, air conditioners, lightingswhen viewed
Professional cleaning after firenegotiation
Professional cleaning after floodnegotiation

Discount: от 101м2 –5%, от 301м2 -15%, от 501м2 – 20%

Addition on the base price: from 15 to 100% on holidays, unfavorable conditions, night work, stairs and heavy dirt.

Transport fee within Sofia – 10lv.

Minimum order – 60lv.

The quoted prices exclude VAT

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