Industrial cleaning of factories, halls and logistics centers.

Професионално индустриално почистване

Ние от “Right Cleaning” provides professional subscription and one-time industrial cleaning of large factories, enterprises and logistics centers.

We have professional cleaning equipment – high-quality detergents, machines and everything needed for perfect cleaning.

Do you want to ensure a clean and healthy working environment for you and your employees?

“Right Cleaning” knows how hard it can be to maintain cleanness in large buildings. Even if you have a working team that takes care of the cleanness in your building, without the necessary professional equipment for cleaning in hard-to-reach places and without the necessary detergents, perfect cleanness is a difficult task to achieve.
On the other hand, the building in which your business is located is the face of your business, as well as the place where you and your employees spend most of their time. That is why our task in “Right Cleaning” is to provide you with the maintenance of constant and perfect hygiene, in which your work becomes a pleasure.

What does industrial cleaning includes:

  • Free view of the area for making an individual offer

  • Floor cleaning – vacuuming and / or washing
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Dust removing and disinfection of desks, furniture and office equipment
  • Cleaning and washing of glass and windows
  • Wiping doors, sockets, window frames and railings
  • Cleaning of air conditioners, dust removal, washing of filters
  • Washing of lightings
  • Disinfection of sanitary facilities and refueling with consumables
  • Cleaning of kitchenette, washing of dishes
  • Waste disposal

Професионално индустриално почистване от Right Cleaning

Our work:

According to our agreement, we do the cleaning at convenient for you time, before or after your work begins. In “Right Cleaning” we use special ecological detergents and disinfectants for high-quality and quick cleaning, in compliance with all modern environmental protection requirements. If necessary, we provide a full-day presence of a duty hygienist. We also offer other services such as supply of hygienic consumables, cleaning products, cleaning of windows and facades, offices, meeting rooms, working rooms, service and sanitary facilities, corridors, staircases, lounges, elevators, production premises and others. Our goal is not just meeting your expectations, but to overcome them! Trust our team of professionals, who has years of experience in cleaning and providing a clean and pleasant work environment for you and your employees.

Trust the experts in industrial cleaning!

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