Professional home cleaning

Професионално почистване на домове от Райт Клийнинг

Абонаментно и еднократно почистване на домове

Right Cleaning” offers you a subscription and one-time professional cleaning of your homes.

Cleanness is important both for your daily comfort and comfort in your home, as well as for your health.
Maintaining home comfort and hygiene often is annoying, it takes a lot of valuable time.

That’s why we offer for your home a one-time cleaning service that maintains constant and perfect hygiene for a more cozy and cleaner home environment.

One-time professional home cleaning consists of:Почистване на домове

Cleaning of main rooms

  • Machine or manual cleaning of hard and soft flooring
  • Machine or hand cleaning of upholstery and upholstered furniture
  • Washing of carpets
  • Cleaning and washing of glass and windows
  • Wiping doors, sockets, window frames and railings
  • Vacuuming
  • Dust removal and disinfection of desks, furniture and office equipment
  • Cleaning of air conditioners, dust removal, washing of filters
  • Cleaning of cobwebs

Bath and toilets cleaning

Почистване на домове

  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Cleaning mirrors
  • Cleaning of faience and terracotta
  • Loading with consumables

Kitchen cleaning

  • Cleaning the kitchenette
  • Cleaning of household appliances
  • Washing dishes
  • Cleaning and washing of lightings
  • Eject and clean garbage bins
  • Cleaning the kitchen sink

Our work :

Professional cleaning company – “Right Cleaning” Ltd. has specially trained hygienists, who has years of experience and qualification in home cleaning. In your home we carry out any cleaning service you want – machine and by hand, with attention to every object and detail. We use customized or special ecologically clean detergents and disinfectants for quality and quick cleaning of your home. By customer agreement, we perform professional cleaning at a convenient time.

Our goal is to satisfy and exceed your expectations. With our professionalism, experience and qualifications, we guarantee that we will make your day lighter, cleaner and more enjoyable!

Refresh your home and trust the cleaning experts!

Поръчайте професионално почистване на офиси още сега! – Свържете се с нас!
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